Pasta and Sauce Trio

We’ve put together a deluxe gift set with our friends from Jar Goods. Discover your own favorite pairings or enjoy our suggestions. This exclusive set includes 3 Sfoglini organic pastas and 3 Jar Goods sauces. 

Our Whole Grain Radiators feature an organic, stone milled hard red flour from the New York Hudson Valley. Their rich robust flavor makes it a perfect pairing for Jar Goods Classic Sauce. Deliciously simple, this sauce is made of sweet vine-ripened tomatoes, nutty olive oil, and savory onion and garlic. Capture every bite of sauce in the Radiators ruffled edges for an easy, yet delectable meal.

For those craving heat, our Sriracha Fusilli and Jar Goods Classic Spicy Sauce is the perfect duo. We blend Kitchen Garden Farm Organic Sriracha Chili Sauce, made with organic peppers grown on their family farm, and our signature organic durum semolina to make this mouthwatering pasta. The bright, rich heat and kick of garlic really comes through when paired with the subtle heat from black and red pepper simmered in the Spicy Sauce.

Jar Goods combines flavorful cream and smooth vodka with sweet vine-ripened tomatoes, savory onions, and garlic to bring you Classic Vodka Sauce. It’s only fair that we pair this indulgent sauce with beautiful plump Zucca. Resembling the end of a zucchini or an open pumpkin, zucca or fioretti “little flower” offers a pasta pocket that fills up with this creamy sauce to deliver a perfect juicy bite.

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