Sun-Dried Tomato Ziti

We’ve teamed up with Burlap & Barrel, a Public Benefit Corporation that sources spices from small farms and cooperatives, to bring you this special limited edition pasta. Their sun-dried tomato powder is made from a special tomato variety grown across Turkey's Aegean Sea coastline and adds a bump of rich, savory, umami flavor. When infused into our pasta dough, the tomato flavor is so powerful that a finished dish needs little else. 

“The Sun-Dried Tomato Powder is the perfect addition to pasta—like a version of those old colored pastas, but one that tastes great,” says Burlap & Barrel co-founder Ethan Frisch. “The pasta is almost self-saucing. Tomato flavor infuses the pasta water, which then makes a great base for a savory tomato sauce with olive oil, garlic, our Zanzibar black pepper, and fresh herbs.”

Try it in our Rustic Romesco, a dish that showcases Italian pantry staples. 

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