Mac & Cheese Pasta Trio

This trio includes our favorite pasta for making one of America’s favorite dishes – Mac & Cheese! Follow our recipe for Sriracha Fusilli Mac & Cheese with Bacon Crumble, use your own tried and true recipe, or get creative with different cheese pairings!

Sources cite that Thomas Jefferson may have brought back the first Macaroni and Cheese recipe from Italy in the early 1800s. Most likely he walked the streets of Naples purchasing a steaming plate from street vendors- delicious and warm! Use our Macaroni for your family’s favorite macaroni and cheese recipe. Our Small Shells are delicately ribbed and ideal for creamy cheese sauces. Our Sriracha Fusilli combines Organic Sriracha Chili Sauce and our signature organic durum semolina to make this mouthwatering pasta. The bright, rich heat and kick of garlic really comes through when served in Sfoglini’s Sriracha Mac & Cheese or paired with blue cheese.

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