New York State Grains Trio

We work with several local farms and mills in New York State to bring you the very best organic whole grains, each offering unique flavor profiles and health benefits. This set highlights three different New York State Whole Grain Pastas: Emmer Reginetti, Whole Grain Radiators, and Rye Trumpets.

Emmer Reginetti, made with organic Emmer has a bold nutty flavor and a nutritional boost of fiber and protein when blended with our organic durum semolina. Our Whole Grain Radiators, made with stone milled hard red flour from New York’s Hudson Valley, offers exceptional flavor, texture integrity, and higher protein levels. Stone ground rye flour from the New York Hudson Valley is higher in essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It also adds a crisp bold snap to our Rye Trumpets.

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