Semolina Specialty Pasta Variety Pack

We’ve hand selected four American organic durum semolina pastas for this set: Zucca, Trumpets, Reginetti, and Cavatelli. Each uniquely shaped to capture every bit of your sauce!

Zucca, plump and round as the end of a zucchini, offers a pasta pocket that fills up with any red or creamy sauce. Trumpets, or Campanelle “little bell” in Italian, is exceptionally fanciful with its frills and delicious when accompanied by a thick cheese sauce, baked in a casserole or tossed with vegetables. Reginetti is originally from Naples and honors Princess Mafalda of Savoy from the 12th century. This ribbon shaped pasta complements any sauce. Deep in the heart of southern Italy, where vegetables and roots are revered, Cavatelli is a faithful companion. The rounded, ridged curves roll into a hollow shape built to hold thicker sauces alongside chunky, seasonal vegetables. 

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