Sfoglini's Favorite Pasta Variety Pack

Our staff’s top four favorite pastas are now available in a set! We hope you enjoy Whole Grain Reginetti, Semolina Trumpets, Beet Fusilli and Saffron Malloreddus as much as we do.

Whole Grain Reginetti, our ribbon shaped pasta, made from Hard Red Wheat flour from the New York Hudson Valley, is perfectly shaped to complement any sauce. We love it with everything from a spiced meat ragu to baked casseroles. Trumpets, or Campanelle “little bell” in Italian, is exceptionally fanciful with its frills and delicious when accompanied by a thick cheese sauce, baked in a casserole or tossed with vegetables. Saffron Malloreddus, our Sardinian specialty pasta, has a splash of yellow-orange color and pairs wonderfully with cream sauces, fresh mint and pecorino. Our Beet Fusilli, made with fresh pressed beet juice offers a burst of color. Try it with roasted beets and ricotta salata for a wonderful treat.

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