Where can I buy Sfoglini?

Online: You can buy directly from our online shop. You can also purchase from online shops such as; Amazon, Fresh Direct, Food52, Farm to People, and myPanier.

In Store: Sfoglini pasta is available nationwide. Find your local grocer here.

How long until I receive my shipment?

We ship in the order received Monday - Friday using the shipping method selected during checkout. Look out for a tracking number from Please contact us with your shipping questions or concerns.

What’s the return/refund policy?

Our Refund & Return Policies can be found here.

Do you sell internationally?

Yes! You can purchase Sfoglini pasta in our online shop. Shipping is calculated at checkout.  

Do you offer options for retailers and foodservice?

Yes! We work with several distributors throughout the United States. You can also order directly from us. If interested, please contact us with a brief description of your business/intended use.  


How is 'Sfoglini' pronounced?

By far the most frequently asked question! Sfoglini is pronounced Sfo-lee-nee, with a silent g.

Do you have a favorite pasta?

It's impossible for us to choose, we love them all! However, our loyal Sfoglini fans have spoken and you can find a list of our top sellers here.

Is Sfoglini pasta gluten-free?

No. All Sfoglini pasta varieties contain wheat.

Is Sfoglini pasta non-GMO?

Yes. Our pasta is certified organic. Certified organic products may not be made with GMOs.

Is Sfoglini pasta Kosher?

No. Sfoglini pasta is not certified Kosher.

What is the nutritional information for your pasta?

You can find the nutritional information for each pasta by selecting a pasta and viewing the nutritional information panel image. 

What is the shelf-life of Sfoglini pasta?

Two years from the date of production. Find the Best By date printed on the bottom of the box. Dried pasta is best stored in a cool dry place.

Do you have any cooking tips?

Start with a large pot of salted water - make it taste like the ocean! Do not add oil to the cooking water, it doesn’t prevent pasta from sticking together.

Wait to drop the pasta until your water comes to a full rapid boil.

Start tasting the pasta about a minute before the shortest cook time on the box. All stoves are different, so we recommend tasting a piece of pasta until they reach your desired level of al dente or “to the tooth”.

When the pasta reaches your preferred texture, strain it, reserving a bit of the cooking water for your sauce. Do not, we repeat, do not run your cooked pasta under water - let your sauce cling to that starchy goodness. 

Visit our recipe collection for a little dinner inspiration.

Is your box recyclable?

Yes. Simply remove the plastic window and the box is ready to be recycled with cardboard and paper goods.

Are you hiring?

Please contact us for current job opportunities.

I have more questions.

We have more answers! Feel free to contact us with your questions or call our offices at 518-731-7278. We're here to help Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EST.

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