Quattrotini - 6 Pack

Two-time James Beard Award-winner Dan Pashman, creator and host of The Sporkful food podcast, has teamed up again with the artisans at Sfoglini, this time to bring you Quattrotini. Originally called Cinque Buchi, this Sicilian pasta shape is served during the carnival period, when legend says the Devil uses it to tempt residents with the sin of gluttony. We’ve added ridges to the four bucatini-style tubes and renamed it “Quattrotini” to emphasize those four tubes.
Like all shapes in The Sporkful Collection, Quattrotini maximizes the three qualities by which Dan believes all pasta shapes should be judged:
  • Sauceability: How readily sauce adheres to the shape
  • Forkability: How easy it is to get the shape on your fork and keep it there
  • Toothsinkability: How satisfying it is to sink your teeth into it

You can listen to the story of the revival of these shapes on The Sporkful podcast’s ongoing series, Mission: ImPASTAble" which also told the original story of Pashman’s three-year quest to invent Cascatelli and his work with us to make it a reality.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Mac ‘n cheese?

Anyone tried it in Mac ‘n cheese.

I regularly make Scott Peacock’s amazing recipe. Always in search of the best pasta to deliver its amazing flavor and mouthfeel.


The best pasta I’ve ever had!!

It's true! Quattrotini gives Cascatelli a run for its money. This pasta is incredible.

Visually it is amazing -- it's unlike any pasta shape I've ever had. (although that said, it is basically like a magical stack of bucatini, and I have seen bucatini.) The chewiness is insanely good. It holds so much sauce!! It's very easy to get onto your fork. Also key: it is absolutely delicious. I cooked it for the full 12 minutes and it's delightfully al dente. Really, truly, I highly recommend this pasta. What are you waiting for? Order some Quattrotini!!

Russ W
Hope to order again and again

They did it again, this is absolutely phenomenal! Not only does it look cool and have a great story, but it's very easy to get on the fork and the center picks up a lot of sauce. It's kinda like bucatini you don't have to twirl but unlike bucatini, it actually delivers on the promise of holding more sauce. There's a few different textures hidden in there too. Maybe 2 noodles at most fell apart in the whole pound. Only made this with almond pesto so far but excited to try more. This should be a permanent fixture on the product list. Please keep making this!

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